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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Avengers Marvel you are such a tease

Another little look at The Avengers movie,for the most part just a giant tease, but from this we can see the new look of Hulk.

From the tease you can see hes a bit differant,looks kinda more like the comic.
But it's such a fast small look.

This is the 3rd time Hulk has been CGI in a live action movie,The fist movie some how really sucked the second was great but alot of people never saw it.If you missed it watch it, its damn good

I can't wait !!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

This is Hard News -Screwattack -Nintendo

Things are looking up for Nintendo
If you have never seen Hard News, you you are missing out on your daily fix of video game awesomeness

Friday, January 20, 2012

R.I.P Odin (my Betta Firsh )

In some very sad news my Betta Fish Odin died today.

He was a very good friend and kept me company.
He was a very quit fish,
He enjoyed when i played harmonica and when I fed him food.

He had a long healthy life but few ill for unknown reasons.

I will really miss you Odin.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Share it,learn it and save the internet no (SOPA)

Share it,learn it and save the internet

The best of Youtube -Comics

As far as comic book reviews go there is no other channel that I feel really gets into what they are talking about like " hellointernet " channel.

He really gets into alot of comics not just the big ones,and tells a true story as to us why this ( "comic" ) was awesome.

Any one can jump on youtube and spew thoughts or rate a comic with a number scale, but on the hellointernet channel real thoughts, opinions and true passion for the art form that is comic books is all you will see here.

There are not many comic reviewers on youtube,and finding a good channel that consistently talks about comics they are reading is even harder.

So to find a channel this good is a rare thing, and as much as I think he is one of the best out there,not enough know about him.

I know this blog is not very well known, but I would love if it helped someone find his channel.So please take a look and Sub if you enjoy

Friday, January 13, 2012

Gary The Pirate Review

Sega 3Ds Comming soon

OK as you my see I might be a Sega fan boy.
But this game looks awesome and I can't wait.
It looks simple yet really fun.

From what I've been seeing and reading(nintendo power), this game is going to be epic fun.

Think samba de amigo fun, with epic Anime story line.

Both games are coming soon to 3Ds , Thank you Sega for getting some great titles going on a system that needs it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

BINARY DOMAIN !!!!!!! Sega 3PS

I thought I already talked about this but,maybe not?
This game looks sexy,the story seems deep and after playing vanquish I've been waiting for the next Sega FPS.

You might just see "i,robot" in FPS form, but I see a game I know will suck me into a deep story and be a hell of a lot of fun.

How do I know? you might ask, I don't (rofl).

I just want to believe that I have had a good reason to have this on my Amazon wish list for a very long time.

The only reason I have to think a negative thought about this game is?
(Just another 3PS)-it seems like just another of many 1st, 3rd person shooter in a market with way too many.

(no multi-player)******* - I'm not sure about this factor? Vanquish had no multi player and it would have been so much fun if it did, but the game was awesome with out it.
And I can't confirm if it dose or doesn't have it.
It says team based 3PS but that could be single player only.

Regardless of the the multi-player factor I can't wait,I need to start saving.

Best Marketing Ever - Sonic & Progressive

Best Marketing Ever - Sonic & Progressive insurance
I don't even have a car but I now want to buy from Progressive.
Great choice of music too

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just a daily bla bla blaa

Today I was tired all day, not a good night sleep last night.I woke up sick with a weird stomach pain, I think I fell asleep too soon after eating.

What is the point of this story?
Nothing really,but around 5p.m. I felt dead to the world I needed to get out of the house.

I took a quick bike ride to the store, still no point to this but I felt really good wile riding my body felt light and my mind clear.

The time I've been spending just riding around town has been paying off, I can tell I'm losing weight and my legs are getting stronger.

I will use today as my rest day,because I really havent been too active today, and tomorrow I've got stuff to do on the other side of the city.

Did I waste my day ?
I was not very active today that's for sure but,(lol) I took down the Christmas stuff (fake tree and all).And my PC is now a little stronger and ready for a graphics card.
I put in a 600 watt Power supply.
It was recommended by my friend it's a monster but extremely quit.

Even though its overkill and not doing much the big fan will cool down my system.(my on board chip set graphics overheats all the time).

I feel very proud to have installed this all by my self,(me and computers don't get along) I always fear I will blow something up or just totally fry my PC.

The Best of Youtube??

Ok well that a statement that has a massive range of opinion.
But here is a look at two channels that are consistently good.

Philip Defranco's channel ( sxephil ) is a large range of content that is always consistently entertaining.
The show rangers from world news to insane I can't believe that story is true type news. The show is news from his a opinion,generally commen logic opinion but you won't always agree with him.
Along with the news there is almost always random news about female celebrities posing for a magazine showing off there beauty of just being sluts.This part of the show I don't really care about, but important news mixed with hot lady's and generally a weekly contest to win something will keep you hooked on his channel.

I might just be throwing gasoline on a burning house,but (RayWilliamJohnson ) show
=3 is one of the most popular youtube channels (last I looked he was the most subscribed on youtube) To sum up this channel think of world funniest home videos hosted by raccoon with a 12 year old sense of humor. That sums it up.You might not find his jokes to be funny,and at times even I think the things he says or talks about are just nasty.Yet if you want to see some of the best crazy and funny viral videos with out looking all day on youtube this one channel might save you some time.

They are both extremely popular and most people already know both channels,so soon and most likely weekly I will be recommending good but not so well known channels.Video games and Comic books are really what I'm about so that will be the focus

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jamestown Review-ish

My review- ish
I was really in the mood to do a video today.I really enjoy making them and today I thought I would try spread the word about the awesome shoot um up
" Jamestown"

Friday, January 6, 2012

Lol I'm not sure if any one reads this blog

But any way,I've been enjoying spending a little time each day updating and adding something new just in case some one is reading.

Out of a Job and ready to get my life on track I've spend most of the days cycling around town,looking for work,ebaying,reading books and just enjoying a bit of time off.

I've been sleeping well for the first time in about 11 years and have a better outlook on life.

I still have problems that get to me at the end of the night,but my mind feels clear.

I've smoking less thanks to BLU (http://www.blucigs.com/) a electronic vapor cigarette. I hope to quit altogether soon. I will review this at some point.

I'm currently about 1/4 into " The Lance Armstrong Performance program " book

I wish I had a heart rate monitor right now. This has alot of great tips from the very basic to advance,to some little tricks that help with just general knowledge of cycling.Ide like to really see where I'm at as far as fitness level, going to have to keep this book for a wile , hope no one is on the wait list.

Going to just relax this weekend brush up on some muscle anatomy ,for some reason looking at how it looks and works helps me think of new ways to work out.

I should be blogging again monday or when I think of somthing to write : )

Happy Console Gamer = Video Game love

if you love video games and have never seen this channel go back and watch every episode.(yes really )sub to this channel.
Happy Console Gamer has been on youtube for some time and if you are into video games and just talking about memories from past games, there is nothing like this out there.
I can really relate to the channel because they are always talking about games I grew up with in what I consider the best years of gaming the 90s .
Every thing they talk about is pure passion for the games and it's no BS you can tell when a true gamer is talking vs some random eye candy working for IGN.
Not only do I look forward to every episode, I sit dreaming jealously of why my channel is not this good.
Every video is done extremely well as if made for TV ,and every time I watch I get sucked into the past.
This episode really hits it out of the park for me,I grew up reading gaming magazines just like them, and I really miss that time of my life.

Be sure to look them up/ Sub

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Renegade Ops -Review-ish

Kinda like a review so review-ish of Arcade title Renegade Ops a great twin stick shooter.Sorry the quality of the video is kinda poop

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A new day- After Burner Climax Review

Now that I believe I have my old job out of my system, I now feel like a new man.
So lets take a look at a remade classic.

I've been wanting to get this game for some time and it was on sale for 400 microsoft points, I finally got it.

The only after burner game I think I've played was a in Store Demo for Dreamcast.

This is a great game and I will sum it up with out getting way into it.

As far as I can tell this was at Arcades ,but I've never seen it at any.

It is a Arcade game for you console I'm playing the X-box version.

This game wastes no time much like playing a arcade you jump into the action with out wasting time.

You have a limited flight path "as if your in a box" this is a good thing because you never feel like your wasting time and it feels like you are in a huge rush .

Speed is what Sega dose best,and this game shows that. You almost feel like you are racing "the faster you go the faster you climax.(that sounds dirty)

You keep your guns blazing the whole time this work great for taking out slow enemy's and enemy's that your locking onto.

For the most part your missiles will be doing all the work a basic lock on and shoot sums it up.

Don't get blown up

It seems easy at first not much really hitting you,then your getting bombarded.
you can dodge some things by speeding up/slowing down or just moving around.But your best bet is to "Do a barrel Roll" .

Climax= Win
Its not just the title, this in your special attack.It slowly fills if you speed up it it fills faster. When it finally is ready for use get really to melt face.
You hold the climax trigger and lock onto every thing you can target in a short time,Time slows down (slow motion) the only time this game really slows down. You have unlimited missiles and can take out as many things as you can target.

That's the basics of play and now I will give it a score
(I want to rate this the way I think games should be rated scoring the thing I feel are needed)

Graphics 5 out of 5
this is a Arcade title but looks like a $60 title for what it is(it's damn beautiful)

Controls -4 out of 5
no major issues but with out a arcade flight stick barrel rolls are just not as fun,and some times I feel like my fingers are just pressing to much when I use Climax

Content/Replay - 4 out of 5
Its a arcade port- to a arcade down load title so ya its a bit short, there are different endings and a few different paths.And you can unlock Ex mode options to change up game play a bit.But unless your a score junky there is not too much else

FUN -5 out of 5
Its a game you can start playing and stop any time,its like going to a arcade you enjoy it and want to play again.Its like classic game you don't need 6 hours to have a good time. Blazing around at high speed blowing things up = Win

Download the demo today.Its hard to explain all of the awesomeness with out playing it

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years resolution!! I resigned from my job of 11 years

After over 11 years of hard work at a Job I once enjoyed,I resigned.
As part of a New Years resolution that has been a long time coming,I finally left a job that has caused me a lot of mental and physical pain.

I will not go to far into every little detail but after years of hard work and dedication, I was just getting screwed.And I was very uncomfortable in my position.

At the age of 14 I started in the year 2000,looking at it now I think its funny that I started in a year the world was "going to end" and I left right before 2012 when the world "is going to end again".

It's been almost 2 years of wishing I was not there,and knowing deep down I better get out and do something with my self.The stress of this and being told just a few months ago that I was going to be laid off (not fault of my own)(do to corporate BS) at a business that in a time of recession was not only in the black but doing very well.I lost all hope and resigned less then 24 hours before my shift.

A bit unprofessional you might say,but I no longer had respect for the company.They never respected my hard work and willingness to work so in turn I showed no respect leaving.I sent my resignation letter via email letting every one know why and how I felt.(CEO,owners,the new general manager,and regional manager).
To make it sting a bit more I left at a time when business was hopping,a time when things are crazy.Times like this are when I'm at my best and having someone like me around is ideal.

You may ask a time of recession and having no job to support my self with,why would I just leave?
I know most likely I won't be getting unemployment benefits,(not that I got any good benefits wile working there).
The only thing I have to live off is what little I have saved and years of collecting comic books,toys and video games that I will need to sell on ebay to get by for a wile.
Most importantly I have almost no education, as you my see in my writing.
I spent years knowing that I will be screwed with out a education,this was always second priority because they don't pay you to attend school.
If I've learned any thing in life it's that education pays for it self,being very poor growing up getting minimum wage was like winning the lottery for me.

I've spend a large part of my life working and there is nothing wrong with making a honest wage to support your self family even if it means spending your life at a job you hate.
But because I couldn't get by off that wage any more,I made a risky choice to change my life.

What I've done so far and my plan

I've already listed some of my personal things on ebay,slow start but I believe they will all sell at some point.

Being thrifty-I don't own a car and because my job was so close I really never needed to.The cost of owning a car even if you never drive it is really high.
How I get around- I ride a bike it's nothing special but the 300 I spend on it years ago has already been payed for by not owning a car.And the heath benefits are life changing.

I enjoy riding and It keeps me in good shape.I can get almost any ware in town in under 15 mins,(next town over,next state over in about the same time).

I can't just be unemployed
I enjoy working,and when it comes down to it,most of us would go insane with out a job to do or some sort of goal in mind.
I've applied to jobs all around nothing fancy just something to help pay the bills wile I try to get an education.I've been doing this before I resigned,but less picky and I be live more likely to be hired if not already employed.

Things I will miss
I've met a lot of great people over the years wile employed, some have become personal friends and some girl friends. I have worked other places wile working there and I can say that I will never get a chance to work with so many great, unique and hard working people even if I searched for the rest of my life.

I will miss the challenge every day was something different as the manager almost every thing became my problem.And dealing with them using my skills felt like a real life video game(An extremely hard one think ninja gaiden mixxed with dinner dash).
But this challenge became way too much too often and led to so much mental stress,so

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I can't say I saw this comming !!!!

After being blown away by Sonic Generations, I thought they would hold off somthing sooo epic for a wile .
I also had no idea how excided I would be for episode 2.
But this is Sega you never know whats comming.
I have yet to play or see any game play but metal Sonic and tails,Nuff said this game will be awesome