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Monday, November 14, 2011

Nintendo Wii U vs. The world

Is the world ready for the next Gen Nintendo Consol?
The real question (is Nintendo ready?)
After this years E3 alot where excited, that was untill we learned that the gameplay shown was not game play just Videos of whats to come.(Nintendo stock not happy after that)
The Nintendo plan is to try to get 2 groups of people, the "Hardcore gammer" (basicly people who play 1,& 3 person shooters & grew up when Nintendo was God of gamming) and the other group is is the Phone app gammer.

Lets go over the "hardcore" first because this basicly what will make or break the whole consol. To peel the average first person shooter fan off the x-box or ps3 won't take much ,all you need is a big name Call of duty or a new title.
That being said why don't they already have the market? Oline gamming is the most impotant part of this group being able to sit down consol on" join death match".
Sounds easy right? Pc gammers have been doing this for about 20 years and consols have just been getting a taste over the last 10.

So why is Nintendo the last place people look for this type of game?Well Wii's online features are poor to say the least.Sure you can play online but being able to add a friend , talk over a mic or even text chat at a moments notice,somthing soo basic is a no.
Yes they had good intentions but basing the whole online experience off the fear that a 12 year old might hear the F word is just silly.

The controller also plays a part and this could be bad news for Nintendo its still not 100% clear we have all seen it do we fear it ? The wii mote is cool but the fact that I need to plug in a classic controller and have the wii mote hanging off my arm just so I can a normal game is crazy. With the Wii U's controller we can get that classic controller feel and screen on top of it.How many wii motes have gone flying into Tvs over the years? And now they basicly put a TV in the controller?
Dumbist thing ever? or Genius?
Controllers take a beating even from the most passive players and the life or flat screen is nothing to brag about so lets hope they at least drop test them. Nerf controller protector any one?

The last thing they need is show us the power all we have seen is a short video useing the grapics card in a world of fast evolving grapics are they sure this thing will hold up 5 years or even 2? Grapics are generally the last thing I look for but if they are important ,Atari 2600 would still be the top consol.

Now the other gammer they hoping to grab is the casual phone gammer (basicly they want to sell angry birds) and the very casual games like it.To be perfectly honest I think this is stupid.Yes phone/tablets Apps are a good market to jump into but the reason they do well is the fact that they are with you at all times and very cheap.
Unless they decide to make the WII U controller a portable consol there is little chance that they will be able to hold there own.

The biggist problem I have with nintendo is buying digital downloadds.I dare you to liston to the Wii shop channel for more then 10 mins and not want to blow your head off.Is there any way to shut off the damn Mario paint song ????WTF
I really hate having to enter my credit card info every time I want a game, and then having 200 left over points that are useless.Paypal please.Another flaw is pricing they never seem discount older games or have any deals.Direct ports of classic games like Mario 1,2,3 should not cost more then 1.00

Nintendo has some of the most populer trade mark characters under there belts but you can only whore out Mario soo much.Alot of nintendo's success is based off selling new games with there classic characters,but when was the last time they came out with a new original title with out mario or others.The time to get creative is now,when I think of Nintendo I think mario and I'm sure 90% of every one else dose too.(I like mario but not that much)

Flash vs. Hard drive.
Nintendo is stuck in the past as far as memory gose,flash dive=memory card this is a good/bad thing.I love flash memory cards and the fact that I can use a massive flash drive on a wii for alot cheaper then a Consol Hard drive is great.But ,and here is the Big Butt in the world of games now a day DLC and patches are a huge part of gamming,I don't know much about much but unless you can download map packs and patches to that flash drive Nintendo may become Nintendon't in the market off the "Hard cores"

I may not seem to optimistic for the Wii U but I am.I really can't wait to play I just hope they have learned what they need to do to capture the gamers that have lost over the years.
With that being said Nintendo better get started if they want that "Hardcore" back they need to start soon Zelda is one of the few games that is keeping some of the older more "Hardcore" consumers from tossing the wii into a nursery school.
"Hard Core" gamers are not just all 1& 3rd person monkeys, another part of that crowd play RPGs ,blame it on the "American Hard core market " but nintendo is not releasing 3 great RPGs in the US,I think this is a poor choice on there part,if we can't get thease games then they are already going to lose alot of fan base before the wii U hits the market.For more on this read

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