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Friday, January 6, 2012

Lol I'm not sure if any one reads this blog

But any way,I've been enjoying spending a little time each day updating and adding something new just in case some one is reading.

Out of a Job and ready to get my life on track I've spend most of the days cycling around town,looking for work,ebaying,reading books and just enjoying a bit of time off.

I've been sleeping well for the first time in about 11 years and have a better outlook on life.

I still have problems that get to me at the end of the night,but my mind feels clear.

I've smoking less thanks to BLU (http://www.blucigs.com/) a electronic vapor cigarette. I hope to quit altogether soon. I will review this at some point.

I'm currently about 1/4 into " The Lance Armstrong Performance program " book

I wish I had a heart rate monitor right now. This has alot of great tips from the very basic to advance,to some little tricks that help with just general knowledge of cycling.Ide like to really see where I'm at as far as fitness level, going to have to keep this book for a wile , hope no one is on the wait list.

Going to just relax this weekend brush up on some muscle anatomy ,for some reason looking at how it looks and works helps me think of new ways to work out.

I should be blogging again monday or when I think of somthing to write : )

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