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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The best of Youtube -Comics

As far as comic book reviews go there is no other channel that I feel really gets into what they are talking about like " hellointernet " channel.

He really gets into alot of comics not just the big ones,and tells a true story as to us why this ( "comic" ) was awesome.

Any one can jump on youtube and spew thoughts or rate a comic with a number scale, but on the hellointernet channel real thoughts, opinions and true passion for the art form that is comic books is all you will see here.

There are not many comic reviewers on youtube,and finding a good channel that consistently talks about comics they are reading is even harder.

So to find a channel this good is a rare thing, and as much as I think he is one of the best out there,not enough know about him.

I know this blog is not very well known, but I would love if it helped someone find his channel.So please take a look and Sub if you enjoy

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