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Monday, May 30, 2016

Ghostbusters is a kids movie

I think it looks ok but looks like they are marketing it to children (look at the CG ) .Ghostbusters much like a lot of 80's movies became hits with kids but they where not the intended audience.

There is a massive amount of general hate of the movie.
Some of it is just pure hate because of genitalia...... And some just don't want to see everything they love remade into a bad movie.
And then there is just the ok it looks bad.,.
But to me it seems like they wanted you moms money.
To me it just looks like they are really making this to make crap loads $$ from kids who would see this and think it looks awesome.

And to put into a way you might understand .I was born in 1985 I like the first Ghostbusters but I didn't care about the comedy  and most of it went way over my head till a lot later.
I liked Slimer and the Marshmellow Man and I thought some of the ghosts were kinda scary.
I am a massive fanboy of many things but never had a massive love for Ghostbusters.

This movie is really made for your child if you have any , and I'm sure the audience that saw Bridesmaids would love to shut there kids up for a few hours and see a descent comedy.
And on top of everything if you are my age  ,you can say what ever you want hate on it all day but you really wanted to see another Ghostbusters movie.And there is a good chance you will go see this.

Watch this again pretend you are 10 years old.The CG looks more like a cartoon and a bit of scary not too much,and pretty safe humor.
This is a kids movie

Thursday, May 26, 2016


X-Men and M&M’S “Rainy Day”

X-Men apocalypse was Awesome !!!



Mighty No. 9 Trailer: Masterclass