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Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Console Gamer = Video Game love

if you love video games and have never seen this channel go back and watch every episode.(yes really )sub to this channel.
Happy Console Gamer has been on youtube for some time and if you are into video games and just talking about memories from past games, there is nothing like this out there.
I can really relate to the channel because they are always talking about games I grew up with in what I consider the best years of gaming the 90s .
Every thing they talk about is pure passion for the games and it's no BS you can tell when a true gamer is talking vs some random eye candy working for IGN.
Not only do I look forward to every episode, I sit dreaming jealously of why my channel is not this good.
Every video is done extremely well as if made for TV ,and every time I watch I get sucked into the past.
This episode really hits it out of the park for me,I grew up reading gaming magazines just like them, and I really miss that time of my life.

Be sure to look them up/ Sub

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