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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A new day- After Burner Climax Review

Now that I believe I have my old job out of my system, I now feel like a new man.
So lets take a look at a remade classic.

I've been wanting to get this game for some time and it was on sale for 400 microsoft points, I finally got it.

The only after burner game I think I've played was a in Store Demo for Dreamcast.

This is a great game and I will sum it up with out getting way into it.

As far as I can tell this was at Arcades ,but I've never seen it at any.

It is a Arcade game for you console I'm playing the X-box version.

This game wastes no time much like playing a arcade you jump into the action with out wasting time.

You have a limited flight path "as if your in a box" this is a good thing because you never feel like your wasting time and it feels like you are in a huge rush .

Speed is what Sega dose best,and this game shows that. You almost feel like you are racing "the faster you go the faster you climax.(that sounds dirty)

You keep your guns blazing the whole time this work great for taking out slow enemy's and enemy's that your locking onto.

For the most part your missiles will be doing all the work a basic lock on and shoot sums it up.

Don't get blown up

It seems easy at first not much really hitting you,then your getting bombarded.
you can dodge some things by speeding up/slowing down or just moving around.But your best bet is to "Do a barrel Roll" .

Climax= Win
Its not just the title, this in your special attack.It slowly fills if you speed up it it fills faster. When it finally is ready for use get really to melt face.
You hold the climax trigger and lock onto every thing you can target in a short time,Time slows down (slow motion) the only time this game really slows down. You have unlimited missiles and can take out as many things as you can target.

That's the basics of play and now I will give it a score
(I want to rate this the way I think games should be rated scoring the thing I feel are needed)

Graphics 5 out of 5
this is a Arcade title but looks like a $60 title for what it is(it's damn beautiful)

Controls -4 out of 5
no major issues but with out a arcade flight stick barrel rolls are just not as fun,and some times I feel like my fingers are just pressing to much when I use Climax

Content/Replay - 4 out of 5
Its a arcade port- to a arcade down load title so ya its a bit short, there are different endings and a few different paths.And you can unlock Ex mode options to change up game play a bit.But unless your a score junky there is not too much else

FUN -5 out of 5
Its a game you can start playing and stop any time,its like going to a arcade you enjoy it and want to play again.Its like classic game you don't need 6 hours to have a good time. Blazing around at high speed blowing things up = Win

Download the demo today.Its hard to explain all of the awesomeness with out playing it

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