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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years resolution!! I resigned from my job of 11 years

After over 11 years of hard work at a Job I once enjoyed,I resigned.
As part of a New Years resolution that has been a long time coming,I finally left a job that has caused me a lot of mental and physical pain.

I will not go to far into every little detail but after years of hard work and dedication, I was just getting screwed.And I was very uncomfortable in my position.

At the age of 14 I started in the year 2000,looking at it now I think its funny that I started in a year the world was "going to end" and I left right before 2012 when the world "is going to end again".

It's been almost 2 years of wishing I was not there,and knowing deep down I better get out and do something with my self.The stress of this and being told just a few months ago that I was going to be laid off (not fault of my own)(do to corporate BS) at a business that in a time of recession was not only in the black but doing very well.I lost all hope and resigned less then 24 hours before my shift.

A bit unprofessional you might say,but I no longer had respect for the company.They never respected my hard work and willingness to work so in turn I showed no respect leaving.I sent my resignation letter via email letting every one know why and how I felt.(CEO,owners,the new general manager,and regional manager).
To make it sting a bit more I left at a time when business was hopping,a time when things are crazy.Times like this are when I'm at my best and having someone like me around is ideal.

You may ask a time of recession and having no job to support my self with,why would I just leave?
I know most likely I won't be getting unemployment benefits,(not that I got any good benefits wile working there).
The only thing I have to live off is what little I have saved and years of collecting comic books,toys and video games that I will need to sell on ebay to get by for a wile.
Most importantly I have almost no education, as you my see in my writing.
I spent years knowing that I will be screwed with out a education,this was always second priority because they don't pay you to attend school.
If I've learned any thing in life it's that education pays for it self,being very poor growing up getting minimum wage was like winning the lottery for me.

I've spend a large part of my life working and there is nothing wrong with making a honest wage to support your self family even if it means spending your life at a job you hate.
But because I couldn't get by off that wage any more,I made a risky choice to change my life.

What I've done so far and my plan

I've already listed some of my personal things on ebay,slow start but I believe they will all sell at some point.

Being thrifty-I don't own a car and because my job was so close I really never needed to.The cost of owning a car even if you never drive it is really high.
How I get around- I ride a bike it's nothing special but the 300 I spend on it years ago has already been payed for by not owning a car.And the heath benefits are life changing.

I enjoy riding and It keeps me in good shape.I can get almost any ware in town in under 15 mins,(next town over,next state over in about the same time).

I can't just be unemployed
I enjoy working,and when it comes down to it,most of us would go insane with out a job to do or some sort of goal in mind.
I've applied to jobs all around nothing fancy just something to help pay the bills wile I try to get an education.I've been doing this before I resigned,but less picky and I be live more likely to be hired if not already employed.

Things I will miss
I've met a lot of great people over the years wile employed, some have become personal friends and some girl friends. I have worked other places wile working there and I can say that I will never get a chance to work with so many great, unique and hard working people even if I searched for the rest of my life.

I will miss the challenge every day was something different as the manager almost every thing became my problem.And dealing with them using my skills felt like a real life video game(An extremely hard one think ninja gaiden mixxed with dinner dash).
But this challenge became way too much too often and led to so much mental stress,so

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