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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

BINARY DOMAIN !!!!!!! Sega 3PS

I thought I already talked about this but,maybe not?
This game looks sexy,the story seems deep and after playing vanquish I've been waiting for the next Sega FPS.

You might just see "i,robot" in FPS form, but I see a game I know will suck me into a deep story and be a hell of a lot of fun.

How do I know? you might ask, I don't (rofl).

I just want to believe that I have had a good reason to have this on my Amazon wish list for a very long time.

The only reason I have to think a negative thought about this game is?
(Just another 3PS)-it seems like just another of many 1st, 3rd person shooter in a market with way too many.

(no multi-player)******* - I'm not sure about this factor? Vanquish had no multi player and it would have been so much fun if it did, but the game was awesome with out it.
And I can't confirm if it dose or doesn't have it.
It says team based 3PS but that could be single player only.

Regardless of the the multi-player factor I can't wait,I need to start saving.

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