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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Best of Youtube??

Ok well that a statement that has a massive range of opinion.
But here is a look at two channels that are consistently good.

Philip Defranco's channel ( sxephil ) is a large range of content that is always consistently entertaining.
The show rangers from world news to insane I can't believe that story is true type news. The show is news from his a opinion,generally commen logic opinion but you won't always agree with him.
Along with the news there is almost always random news about female celebrities posing for a magazine showing off there beauty of just being sluts.This part of the show I don't really care about, but important news mixed with hot lady's and generally a weekly contest to win something will keep you hooked on his channel.

I might just be throwing gasoline on a burning house,but (RayWilliamJohnson ) show
=3 is one of the most popular youtube channels (last I looked he was the most subscribed on youtube) To sum up this channel think of world funniest home videos hosted by raccoon with a 12 year old sense of humor. That sums it up.You might not find his jokes to be funny,and at times even I think the things he says or talks about are just nasty.Yet if you want to see some of the best crazy and funny viral videos with out looking all day on youtube this one channel might save you some time.

They are both extremely popular and most people already know both channels,so soon and most likely weekly I will be recommending good but not so well known channels.Video games and Comic books are really what I'm about so that will be the focus

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