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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures 3DS Review

This video sums up a lot of what the game is like. After playing a few levels the more I play the more I enjoy it. My first thoughts where this game is easy ,but in a way it's a good thing. There are a lot of things to collect, and replaying the levels are fun,always trying to get a better score. The target audience is for a younger age group then me : P , that being said I have have the mind set of a 10 year old. I would definitely recommend this for the younger crowd but the older kids might just wish they where playing the arcade classic. All age group aside the 2d platforming is nothing crazy but dose have some challenge ,and there are plenty of areas you can't get to the fist time playing.The controls work well yet I think its strange you need to use the d pad on some of the menus. The games 3D effect looks great little of no ghost blur and the graphics look great.I like the sound track some of the levels remind me of streets of rage 3 for some reason,but the lack of voice acting annoys me. Some of the sound bits don't match up, so kinda lazy. The real fun in the game is eating ghosts and chainning it to more ghosts before you land getting you a higher score. Overall this is a fun game and if you like platformers I would recomend picking it up.

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