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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Games I can't wait for !!! Sega

I love beat um ups, and I love RPGS I also am a big sega fan boy.But I never got to play this classic on one of my favorite consols the sega Saturn.Guardian Heroes is comming to Xbox live its just a few days away but you can get alot of Guardian Heroes avatar iteams I just got the Sega Saturn T-shirt only 80 msp.Be sure to try this game out I havent seen any price I would guess 800-1200 mps but I'm sure it will be worth it, (average sega saturn ebay price 100 usd)

Sonic generations will be awesome , if you have enjoyed any sonic game over the last 20 years your going to love this the 2-d demo was up for 20 days on xbox live though it was just 1 level it was awesome.the only way they can mess it up is to screw up the controls on the 3-d levels .I have yet to play a sonic 3-d title was good controls (ohh wait yes I have but they where on the dreamcast)

ANARCHY REIGNS looks like it will be good old fashion fun .all I really know about it is that it is just a free for all death battle and has Jack from mad world in it.
From what I've seen it looks kinda like spawn for dreamcast (most have never play )its kinda like smash brothers for older kids. I don't know if the fun crazy dirtyness that was Mad World will work without a wii mote( i really liked chainsawing people) but I can't wait to see

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